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580 Castro St
Mountain View, CA, 94041
United States


YIPEE (Young Innovative Professional Entrepreneurs, ETC) is attracting the next generation of entrepreneurs, professionals and up-and-coming executives who are interested in making a difference in our business community, personally and professionally...

Meet, Greet and Exchange big ideas for a brighter future. This is the place for young professionals.

Meet The Team

Davida Brooks  

Current Chair 

Davida Brooks is the current Yipee Chair and has been a Yipee commitee member since 2011. Davida is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Sum of All numbers in the Bay Area. Davida has trained and successfully completed Tough Mudder in 2012 and is an avid Crossfit participant on a team at Mad Dawg School of Fitness. She is excited and looking forward to training for her next event.


Emily Figueroa

Emily joined the Yipee Committee in 2013 as a Yipee All Star and is the Community Outreach chair and Social Media Coordinator for Yipee. She is currently the Sales Manager for Country Inn and Suites in Sunnyvale. In 2014, Emily had the opportunity to visit Europe for the first time and she was able to visit nine countries in 12 days. Emily is also the proud owner of an Aquatic Turtle named “Fred.”


Jennifer de Souza

Jennifer joined Yipee in 2008 and had been a part of the founding committee members. She is currently the Communications and Technology Manager at the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View. Jennifer has an affinity for food, craft beer, home decor, kickboxing, and Aerial arts.


Manuel Martinez IV aka Mannie

Mannie has been a member of Yipee since 2011 and is currently the Membership Resource Manager at the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View. Mannie is an avid knife and hatchet thrower, and can also build a small cabin from the ground up. Mannie enjoys reading and some of his favorite books are: Rain of Gold, What is Called Thinking, Business Model Generation, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Currently, Mannie is reading From Vines to Wine- The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes & Making Your Own Wine.


Katrina Tenedora

Katrina is the chair of program and events for Yipee and has been on the committee for three years and seven  months. She is currently the Program and Events Manager at the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View. In 2014, Katrina became a newlywed to her long time boyfriend and they are both Guamanian. Katrina’s Spirit animal is the monkey.


Laura Terry-Green

Laura joined Yipee in 2013 and is part of our events team for Yipee. Laura is currently a Administrative Assistant at Google. Laura is an avid singer and had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a Golden State Warriors Game in 2013.


Peter Ortiz

Peter is one of the newest committee members to Yipee. Peter is currently employed by Ebay inc. as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Peter has many interest and enjoys singing and acting. He is also involved in civic participation, entrepreneurship, and philosophy.


Trinidad Pena

Trinidad joined Yipee in 2011 and is the chair of the marketing team for Yipee. Currently Trinidad is the Media and Community Relations Manager for Tied House in Mountain View and Hermitage Brewing Company in San Jose. Trinidad enjoys cooking and being creative with new foods, live music, and a Netflix junkie.


Gaurish Dalvi

Gaurish is one of the newest committee members to Yipee and acts as the Yipee Treasurer.

Currently he is employed by Dalvi Investment Funds LLC. as a portfolio manager.  In his spare time Gaurish likes to bike, ski, and run. He also enjoys reading.


Preston Edwards

Preston Edwards is the former Yipee Chair for 2013/2014 and has been with Yipee since 2010. Preston is the Chiropractor and Owner of VIP Health and Wellness. Preston is also an avid reader and reads about 20 books a year.